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The Bad Things That Happen When Companies Take Too Long to Hire

I’VE HIRED A LOT of people over the years, more than I can count, but the one constant in all that hiring is a simple question: Are we taking too long to hire? Yes, I’ve been accused of that before, especially when I was recruiting journalists for a newspaper in Hawaii, a place that people suddenly

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The 6 Habits You Find in Effective and Trustworthy Leaders

HOW DO LEADERS truly earn the trust of their teams? It’s an interesting question that gets debated over and over, but the formula is not all that hard for any leader embrace. All it takes is a basic focus on treating people the way people want to be treated — and doing the right thing.

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It’s Time to Give Up the Ghost on Employee Engagement

AREN”T WE ALL SICK and tired of employee engagement? I know I am. I’ve been writing about it for years (here’s one from July 2010), and the story never changes. A great many consultants and companies have gotten involved in helping organizations get more engaged employees, and a great deal of time and money has been spent.

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