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The Workplace Week That Was: Time to Face It — AI Hype is a Little Overblown

mesh cube/istockphoto.com

FOR ALL THE HULLABALOO we keep hearing about Artificial Intelligence and all the advancements that will flow from it, there’s another school of thought to keep in mind. You may be hearing it more these days, and it’s this: Perhaps the AI hype was a little overblown. Case in point: A timely story from Computerworld

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The Workplace Week That Was: Research That Makes the Case for Remote Work

Editor’s Note: I’ve written a version of this weekly wrap-up for more than 20 years — from Workforce.com to TLNT.com to Fuel50. Now, I’m doing it here. Let me know what you think at johnhollon@yahoo.com. THERE HAS BEEN an ongoing debate since the pandemic started to wind down, and it comes down to one basic

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