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The Bad Things That Happen When Companies Take Too Long to Hire

I’VE HIRED A LOT of people over the years, more than I can count, but the one constant in all that hiring is a simple question: Are we taking too long to hire? Yes, I’ve been accused of that before, especially when I was recruiting journalists for a newspaper in Hawaii, a place that people suddenly

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Online Job Ads: They’re a Really Crappy Way to Find the Best Candidates

HERE’S A CONFESSION: I hate online job ads because they’re a crappy way to find the best candidates. On the one hand, my recruiter side loves the fact that a smart, well-focused Internet job post can pull in a boatload of candidates for a position. It’s a great way to get a bunch of resumes in short order.

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A Troubling Sign of Our Times: The Continuous Job Seeker

HERE’S A NOT-SO-SURPRISING statistic that speaks volumes about the world we live in: More than one-third (37 percent) of employees are always looking for their next job opportunity, according to a global study by ManpowerGroup Solutions. These never-ending job seekers are referred to as “Continuous Candidates” in Manpower’s new report titled Always Looking: The Rise of

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