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One Last Lesson From Charles Krauthammer: How You Die Speaks Volumes About How You Lived

EDITOR’S NOTE: Charles Krauthammer died June 21 at age 68. RIP Charles — we will miss you! SOMETIMES, I FEEL THE PULL of my Native American ancestors. My Indian blood lines are from my great-grandmother Marion Beaver, who was from the Narragansett tribe, and I  feel them tugging at me sometimes, particularly when it comes

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The One Big Lesson I Always Take Away From Palm Sunday

I’M ALWAYS STRUCK BY the quiet lesson of Palm Sunday. Last Sunday, in my little church here in Yorba Linda, we waved palm branches and sang hosannas as we remembered Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago. We were not alone. Hundreds of millions of Christians around the world celebrated much as we

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What Do You Do When a Social Media Connection Goes to the Great Beyond?

Editor’s Note: When I originally wrote this in February of 2011, I had four (4) people in my 1st Level LinkedIn contacts who had died yet still lived on in my social media. As I re-post this in July 2017, that number has doubled. It makes me wonder: perhaps this kind of immortality is social

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