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What Does It Take to Be a Great Leader? The Same Things It Takes to Be a Great Person

HERE’S SOMETHING I’VE LEARNED from years of managing people: Great leadership wisdom is really hard to find. For all of the many leadership books that have been written — and there are more than 60,000 listed on Amazon — the really great V-8 moments, the “Blinding Flashes of the Obvious” where a truly great leadership

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The Big Thing I Learned From LinkedIn’s Most Popular Job Posts

HERE’S THE ONE BIG THING I learned from LinkedIn’s latest list of their most popular (they call it most viewed) job posts: When it comes to job seekers, it’s all about the brand. You should remember this when you hear somebody pooh-pooh’s the notion that a company’s brand really isn’t all that important to job

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What Do You Do When a Social Media Connection Goes to the Great Beyond?

Editor’s Note: When I originally wrote this in February of 2011, I had four (4) people in my 1st Level LinkedIn contacts who had died yet still lived on in my social media. As I re-post this in July 2017, that number has doubled. It makes me wonder: perhaps this kind of immortality is social

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