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Is the 4-Day Work Week REALLY an Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come?

YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW what a four-day work week is like until you actually work one. I know how it is because I found myself working one (more on that shortly) back near the beginning of my career. And you quickly learn this: once you work a four-day work week, you NEVER want to go

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AI and the Workplace: Here’s the latest from Josh Bersin, the guy who knows it best

I LIKE LAS VEGAS, probably because I have been visiting Sin City since I was a boy. It helps when you live in SoCal and it’s only a four hour drive away. For the last 20 plus years, my trips to southern Nevada were scheduled around conferences held there because I edited and managed a

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Here’s why one analyst thinks pay is key to better employee retention and satisfaction

I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW OFTEN I’ve heard that “people don’t leave because of pay, they leave because of their boss.” Now, as we continue to slowly recover from the pandemic and lockdown, we’re finding out that people leave jobs and take new ones for all sorts of reasons. But what seems to be most important to people today is what has ALWAYS been most important

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