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It never ends — yet another use for AI and ChatGPT: Getting out of a parking ticket

THERE SEEMS TO BE NO END to the creative (some might say strange) uses for Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT. Here’s a new one I had not heard of before: appealing a New York City parking ticket. Wilfred Chan, writing in Fast Company, told his tale in a story titled I asked ChatGPT to contest my parking ticket. What followed

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Another use for AI and ChatGPT – writing better fortunes for Fortune Cookies   

I LIKE FORTUNE COOKIES almost as much as I like Kung Pao chicken, but the actual “fortunes” leave a lot of room for improvement. You know what I’m talking about — “fortunes” that say things like: A friend is a present you give yourself. All your hard work will soon pay off. Believe in yourself and others will too. Depart not from

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500 intriguing new ways to end a letter or email, according to our AI overlords 

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

I DON’T KNOW IF this is a personal quirk or if others have this happen, but I bump into all sorts of odd and/or amusing content as I look for things to share on this blog. Most of the time, I couldn’t tell you how I found this kind of stuff, but here’s a good example of something interesting and amusing that I found recently.

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When Robots Train Managers, Don’t Be Surprised at the Management You Get

EVEN I GET SURPRISED when I see something like this: According to The Wall Street Journal, companies are now turning to robots to train and coach young managers. Please insert your “bad manager” joke here. According to The Journal, the training comes in the form of a bot, “a manager-training app powered by the artificial

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