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Big Surprise for IBM: Yes, There IS a Downside to a Remote Workforce

I’M SURPRISED this didn’t happen sooner, but IBM, an early and vocal champion of a remote workforce, finally discovered what any remote worker could have told you years ago. The problem with remote work is that you work remotely. I know, I know — that sounds like double-talk. But as someone who worked in a

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What Companies are Finally Doing to Fix Performance Management

PERFORMANCE management, at least as organizations have traditionally practiced it, is in big trouble. A recent McKinsey report didn’t pull any punches when it said: Managers and staff alike too often view performance management as time consuming, excessively subjective, demotivating, and ultimately unhelpful. In these cases, it does little to improve the performance of employees. It

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Some Important Things You Need to Know About How Employees Quit

AS MUCH AS WE LIKE to focus on all the various ways we can improve upon the way we recruit and hire new employees, we also know that we should spend as much (if not more) time on how we can better retain the people that we already have on our staff. The problem is,

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