More reasons to embrace remote work: Silly pet peeves and dumb workplace data

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WORKPLACE DATA COMES IN all shapes and sizes. It also highlights a variety of workplace issues.

I try to showcase interesting data here. Sometimes I find it as Im looking for things to share, but other times, the data finds me — usually courtesy of some PR or marketing professional.

This data comes courtesy of a PR person working for, a company that touts itself as “a leading provider of printable calendar solutions.” I’ve never heard of them, but they recently published the results of a comprehensive survey revealing the top 10 office pet peeves across America.

You may be wondering – with all the many workplace issues we’re facing today, why do we need a survey on office pet peeves?

A lack of specifics is a big problem

According to, it’s because “with so many employees returning to office environments, the study highlights the challenges and adjustments faced by individuals as they re-adapt to office life.

IT’S A STRETCH TO EXPECT any serious data out of that, but the lack of specifics in the survey methodology – they only say that it includes “responses from 2,000 office workers across the (U.S.)” — makes it clear that this survey is not going to offer much.

However, it does get into my own personal pet peeve about polls and surveys – they aren’t worth a lick without solid methodology that is transparent and clearly stated.

In other words, this data is more amusing than anything else.

Here’s what they say:

With remote work becoming less prevalentunderstanding and addressing these common grievances can help companies create a more harmonious and productive work environment.

  1. Loud and distracting phone calls – 34%
  2. Colleagues stealing food from the fridge – 28%
  3. Office gossip and drama – 23%
  4. Excessive meetings – 19%
  5. Inconsiderate use of shared spaces – 16%
  6. Unannounced desk visits – 15%
  7. Passive-aggressive notes – 12%
  8. Not refilling the coffee machine – 11%
  9. Cluttered, disorganized common areas – 9%
  10. Unsolicited advice or “helpful” suggestions – 8%

They also added this: Please note that the percentages do not add up to 100% as respondents could have provided more than one pet peeve.

Another reason NOT to go back to the office

ONE MORE THING: Just what is considered an “unannounced desk visit?”

I worked in an office for a long time, and just about every desk visit for 30 years was “unannounced.” And how do you announce a desk visit, anyway?

My big question is pretty simple: Is that REALLY somebody’s pet peeve in today’s world of work

It makes me wonder why ANYBODY wants to give up remote work and go back to typical office BS like this again.

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