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Here For the Wedding? Well, Make Sure You Make Time to Dodge the Protests

I WAS IN OUR NATION’S CAPITAL this past weekend to attend the wedding of a good friend and former colleague who got married for the first time at the ripe old age of 48. Just that one little fact is fodder for a good blog post, but no, I won’t be going there. It was a

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Hurricane or Earthquake, One Big Disaster Is as Bad as Another

FIRST IT WAS Harvey battering Houston and southeast Texas, and now you can add Hurricane Irma to the list of natural disasters as it bears down on Miami and the Florida peninsula. Hurricanes are terribly destructive things, but for most Californians, they’re something we never experience because the ocean off our coast is simply too cold.

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I Was Fed Up With United Airlines’ Culture Even Before They Started Dragging People Off Planes

BELIEVE ME when I tell you this: I soured on the customer service practices of United Airlines long before they decided that dragging people off planes would enhance the flying experience. You’ve probably seen the video by now. You know the one — where the customer on the last flight of the night from Chicago to Louisville

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