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WTF! My Local News Was Hijacked by a Stupid Car Chase — Again!

LAST FRIDAY, my local late night newscast got hijacked by a car chase — again. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a little background: If you like local news, you have a lot of options when you live in Southern California. During the work week, once you get past the dinner

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Hurricane or Earthquake, One Big Disaster Is as Bad as Another

FIRST IT WAS Harvey battering Houston and southeast Texas, and now you can add Hurricane Irma to the list of natural disasters as it bears down on Miami and the Florida peninsula. Hurricanes are terribly destructive things, but for most Californians, they’re something we never experience because the ocean off our coast is simply too cold.

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Don’t Forget That Clueless Management Never Goes Out of Style

IT’S LATE SUMMER, everybody out here in the People’s Republic of California seem to be on vacation, and Labor Day is still a couple of weeks away. So, it’s time for some old school clueless management from the good people over at Tronc. Don’t know what “Tronc” is? I’d be surprised if you did, but

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