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The “Sanctuary State” Pushback Ratchets Up a Notch as Orange County Jumps In

IT TOOK A WHILE, but I finally have some faith in some of our elected officials. I’ve been pretty blunt in my criticism of them, particularly the State Legislature. We send them to Sacramento to solve the many problems the less-than-Golden State is facing, only to find that once they get there they waste time

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One Brave Little California City Doesn’t Want to Live in a “Sanctuary State” Either

IT LOOKS LIKE I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to live in a sanctuary state. Last October, after Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that designated California as a so-called “sanctuary state,” I wrote a long blog post here — titled Dear California Legislature:¬†What if I Don’t Want to Live in

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Surfing as Our “Official” State Sport: Is That What We Send People to Sacramento For?

HERE’S ALL YOU NEED to know about what’s wrong with California: There are actually state legislators who seems to think that designating surfing as the state “sport” is what voters sent them to Sacramento for. Raise your hand if you wonder, as I do, “Why do we put up with this nonsense from the idiots

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